Zagato & Aston Martin: Elegance Covered In Performance

The collaboration between Zagato and Aston Martin has been going on for decades, but never like recent days has taken the (very welcome) decision to increase its work volume and above all production figures. According to a joint venture statement, the Zagato range will soon be represented by 325 cars – all based on the outstanding Vanquish and subdivided into 99 Coupes, 99 Volantes, 28 Speedsters and 99 Shooting Brakes.

Of the first three we have talked about in the past, but it is always a pleasure to take advantage of an opportunity like this to put our eyes back on those voluptuous lines, made even more exclusive by those edges, the “Z” and those stylistic craziness typical of the Italian signature. The Speedsters poetic beauty will make the joy of the lucky ones who will begin to put their jewel in the garage in 2018. In the case of the Shooting Brake, we expect to find the famous 592 horses 6-liter V12 present on the other models, while we look forward to the veil to fall, so that we can finally see the fruit of so much work and so much courage.

A Shooting Brake is never an easy task to figure out, especially if it carries the Aston Martin badge on the hood – but we are fully confident that the fourth model born from this five-star partnership will only solidify these well-planted roots. Beautiful and even functional, double bubble or not, since the most generous size will be able to accommodate four people and their luggage for exclusive road trips.

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