Spread Your Wings – Tesla Model X

Save and Send. Its too late to go back and change my piece for this month – and I am expecting trouble on the way (or maybe not) when the boss will read that I madly love the Model X, mainly for its rear doors, baptized “falcon wings doors”.

Wait, its not only for that, but also because you can’t feel deep pleasure in front of an SUV, or CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle), of almost two and a half tons, which has a driving mode called “Ludicrous”, right? No name has been more appropriate than that, because once selected, and throwing to the bushes your autonomy range left, you will blast this living room on stilts from 0 to 100 in just 3.4 seconds.

Its madness, a balanced madness that revolves around the ECO-love understatement of an electric car, equipped with two motors that power the front axle (with 259hp) and the rear one (with 503hp), producing a total output of 762 horses. Yes, we talk about horses referring to an electric motor – its not right, but this makes a better idea, of what this thing is capable of.


Dimensions are considerable, both for height, width and length, and the Model X can accommodate five people, offering the driver and front passenger two-door in the classic sense of the term, while the rear seat occupants will play with a new mechanism, designed especially by Tesla to make this model very special and not going unnoticed in the flood of proposals to which the market puts us every day.

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