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The Wows


Renault Trezor

Renault Trezor. In the spirit of all good concept cars, Renault’s new Trezor hits all the bullseyes: daft name, impossibly low-slung and slinky bodywork, embarrassing mode of ingress, next-gen drivetrain. But it’s not the flight of fancy that it might first appear. OK, we’re not likely to see red glass making any kind of appearance on a new Clio anytime soon, but as design senior VP Laurens van den Acker says: “This concept prepares the way for trends we are likely to see in our upcoming vehicles”. So elements of the Trezor might have a future.

So what is it exactly? A rear-drive, carbon-heavy two-seat GT with the motor nicked from the Formula E Renault e.dams, giving 350bhp and 230lb ft and a 0-62mph time of under four seconds. Two battery packs are housed separately – meaning excellent weight distribution and low c of g – and there’s a cooling system on the ‘bonnet’ that features honeycomb air intakes that flicker depending on load. It looks a bit like a moving gill, apparently. Outside, it looks like a living Hot Wheels, all sensual curves and low, wide stance. The canopy glides up and forward – meaning you have to step over the side into cockpit filled with the usual connectivity-obsessed concept memes. A happy fantasy. With its own rose-tinted specs.


Mercedes – AMG GT C Roadster

mercedes-amgPossibly the worst-kept secret ever, the AMG GT C Roadster made its first official, in-the-metal appearance at Paris as decent competition for the F-Type R/R8 Spyder/911 et al. Actually there were two cars on show, a standard GT Roadster with a measly 469bhp and the slightly more monstrous GT C.

And it’s the GT C that’s really going to ruffle some quality toupees, featuring as it does not just a folding canvas drop-top, but a whole suite of suitably fast bits from the ‘Ring-slaying AMG GT R Coupe. That means 549bhp from the 4.0-litre dry-sumped twin-turbo V8, enough for a very respectable 0-62mph time of just 3.7 seconds and double-ton-scraping 196mph. That’s a not-inconsiderable 46bhp more than a GT S Coupe, by the way. It’s also got the GT R’s wider track, rear-wheel steer and active aero flops, which should help keep it all pointing in the right direction when the wind blast rips your forehead off.

Inevitably, the reinforcement necessary to mitigate chopping the roof off and replacing it with a three-layer folding convertible has meant upping the weight to 1,735kg, with the GT C weighing in at a fairly hefty 90kg more than the GT S Coupe, but hey, you can’t lower the roof on a Coupe in 11secs (at speeds up to around 30mph) and let the V8 noise soothe you. The good news is that the performance exhaust is standard fit. And it’s loud.

Prices haven’t been announced, but expect over a hundred grand for the standard roadster seeing as the GT Coupe lists at $120,000.


Mercedes Vision Van – Parcel Delivery Just Got Interestingmercedes-vision-van

Before Amazon’s drones take over the world, Mercedes is giving the van one last shot at delivery dominance. This one is electric, steered by joystick, has an automated cargo space, sorts its own logistics and carries two drones on the roof. Hopefully they are combat ready.

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