One of The Most Famous Competitors – 1995 Porsche 993 GT2 BPR

Unfortunately, before I could head out on the track, the one turbo packed up, owing to a small stone that entered the ‘charger and caused serious damage to the vane. That is the reality of owning such a car. Maintenance is a permanent challenge. But, after 13 years, the owner is in the best position to summarise its racing experience: “As long as you keep the wheels pointing in the correct direction and respect the fact that you have around 600bhp behind you, it won’t throw you any surprises.

The brakes are also extremely capable and the grip levels are high. In a nutshell, it is just an honest racing car and the ultimate racing car Porsche has built. I haven’t driven the new 991 race cars yet, but up to and until those cars, I’ve driven several 911 race cars and this one remains the highlight for me.” To be in the presence of such a piece of 911 heritage is truly a privilege, and thankfully today this car is everything but a trailer queen. Even though values of these cars have skyrocketed in recent years, it is still used at selective track days, where there certainly is a level of fun to be had in beating modern Porsche machinery.

Model 993 GT2 BPR

Year 1995
Capacity 3,600cc
Compression ratio 8.0:1
Maximum power 550bhp @ 6,000rpm
Maximum torque 637Nm @ 4,000rpm
G50, six-speed, straight-cut gears
Engine modifications
Larger turbos than original race car
Front MacPherson struts with coil springs; gas-filled double action shock absorbers; anti-roll bar
Rear Independent, multi-wishbone; coil springs; gas-filled double action shocks; anti-roll bar
Wheels & tyres Front 10×18-inch; 265/645/18
Rear 11×18-inch; 305/645/18
Length 4,245mm
Width 1,855mm
Weight 1,112kg
Performance 0-62mph  Not tested
Top speed Not tested

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