Novitec 488 GTB Will Amaze You

Starting from what is more than a good donor – that of the Ferrari 488 GTB – Novitec has radically left its signature transforming every deeper shade of the Prancing Horses berlinetta. From being a thrilling performance supercar with an innate inclination to be driven on any type of road, the 488 GTB embraces the N-Largo treatment becoming a real beast that seems to have just left the racing track, mainly thanks to the intention to customize it with a body kit inspired by the mythical F40.

Much wider, lower (albeit with a lift system that allows you to handle the hardest maneuvers) and with new bumpers at front and rear, side skirts, spoilers and air intakes, the creation of Novitec will not pass unnoticed, just as far as exaggerated and exasperated, and for having virtually overthrown the car, it is astonishing. As you know these guys are not new in the business, just think that the new 22 inch NF6 wheels have been specially developed for this model through a dedicated forging process. As mentioned, the front and the side profiles are much more aggressive than before, but at the back the touch of the tuner is more evident, with a wing overhanging a massive tail showing off the bumper which fits perfectly with the new and bigger diffuser.

Obviously even at performance level they have gone down heavy and in fact the 3.9 twin-turbo V8 has been brought to 772 horses and about 890Nm of torque, which results in a 0-100 of just 2.8 seconds.

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