Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d 4Matic

Mercedes-Benz recently introduced a new version of the GLA SUV called the GLA 220d 4Matic Activity Edition. Not only does its 2.1-litre diesel engine make more power, but it’s also equipped with Merc’s 4 Matic technology (all-wheel-drive system). To set this model apart from other GLAs, this car gets black decals on the doom, new 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome detailing as well as a new body colour called Mountain Gray.

Larger, 8.0-inch screen, with driving modes too

Updates inside include a larger, 8.0-inch multimedia system with Apple Car Play, keyless ignition and lots of added storage spaces around the cabin. The tailgate can now be electronically opened or closed with the touch of a button. Even the rear seats can be tilted forward by up to ls degrees to liberate additional space in the boot; this comes in handy, especially with the spare wheel hogging a fair bit of space.

This car is fairly feature-loaded and comes with seven airbags, satellite navigation, tyre pressure sensors, cruise control and even a panoramic sunroof. However, it’s surprising to see the absence of automatic climate control in a car of this price. Powering the car is the same 2.1-litre diesel engine from the GLA 200d packing in an extra 33hp of power, producing a total of 170hp.

It also gets Dynamic Select to toggle between different driving modes like Comfort, Sport, Off-Road and Individual, which change the responsiveness of the engine and gearbox. In Sport mode, the GLA 220d is really fun to drive and the extra power gives it noticeably quicker acceleration. When you want to calm things down, Comfort mode is perfect to putter around town with ease. Off-Road mode is what you want when driving on rough terrain, as it keeps the engine at optimal revs, thus providing adequate punch to tackle tricky conditions.

Analogue climate control is still present

The larger improvement to the car’s abilities comes with the inclusion of the all-wheel-drive system. This system splits power between the front and rear wheels automatically whenever it senses the tyres losing grip at either end. This makes this Activity Edition a lot more capable over loose surfaces such as gravel or mud. An increase in ground clearance also helps it tackle rough terrain better.

If you’ve always liked the GLA but felt that it needed more power or that it lacked all-wheel drive, then for a premium of Rs 3 lakh over the regular GLA 200d, this GLA 220d 4Matic Activity Edition makes a compelling case. Its attractive looks and classy interiors only work in its favour.

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