McLaren 675LT

It doesn’t really take much to make a child happy. Then, if the child in question has little more than 30 years and a passion for McLaren, you does not need more than the right car and the right road.

During a wonderful and sunny day of late May, I end up sitting in a 675LT (long tail) and driving through the Principality of Monaco tunnels leading out toward the Route de La Turbie: a short but intense section, thanks to its postcard views and a series of turns that on one side have a shining sea and on the other a cliff wall, the best part of living in south of France.


I love so much these roads and I do not miss an opportunity to drive ’em when I have a day off, discovering enchanted and uncontaminated places, shaken only by the roar of some powerful engine.

The twin-turbo V8 of the 675LT is not so different from the 650 S and you can also tell me that the car itself is hardly distinguishable, but at that point I would answer you that you are not such a car guy.

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