Challenger TA and Charger Daytona Proudly Carry On Dodge’s Legacy

Two really historic names dear to those hanging out in the world of muscle cars: were talking about the Challenger TA and the Charger Daytona.


Their welcome comeback is accompanied by an increase of angriness in terms of main ingredients, thanks to stiffer suspension, a sport exhaust, better brakes and semi-racing tires, but especially for the upgrade occurred in the engine compartment, where the 5.7cc leaves room for a 6.4cc V8 capable of delivering 485hp and 644Nm torque.


Dodge Challenger TA

Despite the different sizes of the two models, the declared performances are very close together, with figures on the 0-100 kph which stops the clock in the 4 seconds range, while prices rise from $ 43.995 and £ 44.99 respectively for the TA and the Daytona. 392 units to be produced. Are you in a hurry? If yes, hurry up, but remember that the purest racing thing here it is only the name that pays homage to their illustrious ancestors.


Dodge Charger Daytona


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