TVR’s New Coupe Leaves Its Customers Amazed

VR’s new super-sports coupe has been revealed at last-but only to the exclusive group of enthusiasts who have already agreed to buy one. The car, a 200mph, front-engined V8 two-seater, very much in character with the traditional Blackpool TVRs but entirely new from the ground up, is being unveiled in a series of secret launches … [Read more…]

TVR Tasmin 280i


Every TVR sports car has been greater than the sum of its parts, and the Tasmin was no exception. Introduced as a replacement for TVR’s M series Taimar, the Tasmin pillaged parts from a variety of other cars (mainly Fords) and reconfigured them with typical TVR chutzpah into a pocket rocket of real, if quirky, … [Read more…]

TVR Tuscan S Mk II


It took TVR six years to perfect the Tuscan two-seater sports coupe. The fifth attempt was the Mark Two, a ‘refreshed’ version of the already spectacular TVR Tuscan S. At its launch, enthusiasts noted their particular pleasure in the determination with which TVR had sought to perfect the marriage of form and function that the … [Read more…]

TVR Griffith – 1991


This curvaceous high-performance sports car was built by Blackpool constructor TVR from 1991, until the Griffith was finally discontinued in 2002. In the final incarnation, with a 5 litre engine, it was known as the Griffith 500. This sparky two-seater convertible succeeded earlier Griffith 200 and 400 models and, like them, was powered by a … [Read more…]

TVR Cerbera – 1996

TVR-Cerbera - 1996

Under new owner Peter Wheeler, the Blackpool based TVR company enjoyed a good decade in the 1990s. It produced both the butch Griffith and well-received Chimaera convertible, and hit an impressive hat trick by launching the Cerbera two-door coupe in 1996.

TVR Chimaera – 1992


This pretty convertible arrived a year after the TVR Griffith, sharing a chassis and the same Rover-derived engine options, but visually the Chimaera was more of a traditional sports car than the racy Griffith. The Chimaera also had a fibreglass body but was rather longer than the Griffith, with softer suspension, more interior space and … [Read more…]

TVR 3000S – 1978


Since 1947, every TVR sports car has been the love child of one of the company’s various owners, all of whom have devoted themselves to their passion with a usually reckless regard for its cost in any form. It’s magnificent — it has always been — but it’s not car manufacturing. The TVR 3000S exemplifies … [Read more…]