New Model Y is Expected To Put Tesla To The Next Level


Compact SUV based on forthcoming Model 3 could become firm’s biggest seller Tesla Inc – newly renamed after nearly 13 years as Tesla Motors Inc – is on the verge of what it says will be a massive expansion of production, with two new models due to arrive in the next two years.

A Careful Analysis of 2017 Tesla Model X


The electric propulsion pioneer takes aim at the seven-seat SUV market Model tested: 90D Price: £89,680 Power: 416bhp Torque: 487lb ft 0-60mph: 5.2sec 30-70mph in fourth: na Fuel economy: 611Wh/mile  C02 emissions: 0g/km Tesla got off to a slow start with the Lotus-based Roadster, but a decade has now passed since we first drove that … [Read more…]

Tesla P100D

EXPECTED DELIVERY: 2017 PRICE: $223,000 SPECS: 100kWh BATTERY PACK, 0 TO 100km/h IN 2.7 SECONDS Any car fitted with a ‘Ludicrous’ mode instantly grabs our attention. Switching this unique electric vehicle, the latest and greatest version of the famous Tesla Model S, to this bonkers setting allows it to zip from 0 to 100km/h in … [Read more…]

Best for Blue Sky Thinking – Tesla Model X


I don’t know what the guys and girls at Tesla were smoking when they came up with the Model X, but it had to be pretty potent, as nothing about this car makes any sense. Come on… a massive two-tonne, seven-family van that can outrun some supecars? Powered by batteries? That drives itself? Imagine a … [Read more…]

Jaguar Guns For Tesla With Radical New Electric SUV

Jaguar will vault into central Tesla territory with the all-new battery-electric I-Pace, easily the most radical car in its 81-year history. The new car, unveiled this week as a concept at the Los Angeles motor show, changes practically every traditional Jaguar ingredient and is due on the road in about 18 months’time. It marks the … [Read more…]

Tesla Shock Fans With Its New Pick-up Project


Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the company’s intentions to build an all-electric pick-up truck – and our exclusive image shows how it could look. The new pick-up truck forms part of Musk’s ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’, announced last week, which details a proposed range expansion to include a smaller SUV, trucks and … [Read more…]

Tesla Roadster


The Tesla was the world’s first sexy electric car. Fast enough to worry a Porsche 911 Turbo or Ferrari 599, the neck-jerking torque and devastating, silent acceleration felt uncanny. Brainchild of PayPal founder Elon Musk, it used a Lotus Elise chassis, stored power in 6,800 laptop batteries, and was the first electric vehicle (EV) to … [Read more…]

Spread Your Wings – Tesla Model X


Save and Send. Its too late to go back and change my piece for this month – and I am expecting trouble on the way (or maybe not) when the boss will read that I madly love the Model X, mainly for its rear doors, baptized “falcon wings doors”.