An Exotic Appereance – 1993 Porsche 964 Flachbau


Foot flat to the floor in third gear, I’m still waiting to make any meaningful progress around the high-speed test track, the location for today’s latest Total 911 drive. As the orange needle on the VDO tachometer sweeps past the 3,000rpm mark though, the whistling that had previously been but a mere mumble through the … [Read more…]

The Battle of Targa – 1973 Porsche Targa 911T Vs 1974 Carrera Targa 2.7 Vs 1981 911 SC Targa Vs 1986 3.2 Supersport Targa


Born out of necessity, the Targa is an enduring if sometimes unloved model in the 911 range. Its inception was the result of Porsche’s obvious desire to of er an open-topped version of the 911 in the 1960s, though early 911s lacked the structural rigidity to of er a full open top. Fate would intervene, … [Read more…]

“L” From Luxury – 1968 Porsche 911L


L must be one of the least exhilarating letters in the automotive world – and especially for those who appreciate Porsche 911s. After all, ‘L’ usually refers to long-wheelbase models, but letters such as S, R, RS, GT or GTS, well, enthusiasts pay more notice to those!

Porsche 911 GT3 For Speed Lovers

‘ONE LAST QUESTION,’ I SAY TO ANDREAS Prcuninger at the end of our interview. ‘Is this the best 911 GT3 ever?’ We’re standing in a chilly photographic studio on the outskirts of Stuttgart, just a few kilometres from Porsche’s research and development centre at Weissach. The head of the company’s GT-car division has spent the … [Read more…]