Panther Solo – 1990


Panther Westwinds was a bankruptcy waiting to happen, and it is a tribute to founder Robert Jankel that the company he established in 1972 lasted as long as it did. Surrey-based Panther actually enjoyed initial success, producing retro-styled sports cars and luxury sedans using components largely sourced from other manufacturers. Offerings ranged from the deliciously … [Read more…]

Panther de Ville – 1974

Panther de Ville - 1974

The growing 1970s trend for replicas was largely confined to smaller kit or factory-built sports cars, until the English manufacturer Panther Westwinds set a new trend for powerful, luxury automobiles styled on the panache of the ‘Golden Age’ of the 1930s. Panther’s first car was the J72, a replica of Jaguar’s SS100. Its phenomenal success … [Read more…]