Panhard PL17 Tigre


Panhard was one of the world’s oldest names in car manufacturing, dating back to 1872. But by 1955 they had lost their upmarket image and had to be rescued by Citroën, who eventually bought them out completely in 1965. The Dyna, produced after World War II in response to a need for a small, practical, … [Read more…]

Panhard 24 – 1964

Panhard 24 - 1964

Panhard & Levassor (established 1887) was one of the world’s first car manufacturers. The company thrived and innovated in the early years of motoring, becoming a significant player by World War I. Between the wars Panhard produced various interesting models and broke speed records, but it never quite regained its prewar eminence.

Panhard Dyna Z/Panhard PL 17 – 1953

Panhard Dyna Z

Halfway through its development of the Dyna Z sedan, the Panhard Car Company was partially integrated with Citroen. By the time the car had evolved into the Panhard PL17, that merger was evident in the modified styling, and you can see the future of Citroen’s most famous profiles emerging.