Is KTM RC 390 Really Worth The Extra Money?

It’s going to be an interesting few months as motorcycle manufacturers scramble to make model year changes to remain in compliance with Euro IV norms that are set to kick in this April. Hero seems to have got a jump start on everyone with their last couple of launches and now KTM gets in on … [Read more…]

Car Facts Of The Week That You Should Know

  SATURDAY: Fascinating day: on our way to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting (MM), the Steering Committee and I dropped into Gordon Murray’s HQ near Guildford to witness the first of TVR’s secret customer briefings. This 90-minute experience emphasised what good sense it makes to hold special events for the faithful.

Triumph Rocket X – The Starship Enterprise


The original and first Triumph Rocket was launched in 2004. It had ongoing development and changes over the years to the current Rocket III, and now the Limited Edition Rocket X that was launch in 2015 which is the biggest, meanest and baddest version they have made to date.

Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli


Behold, this is the most powerful supercar to appear out of Italy — according to Mazzanti. We know, we know, how can a newbie like Mazzanti make the most powerful vehicle when it’s up against giants like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or Maserati? Simple: squeeze 1,000 horsepower out of an already huge V8 engine.

Rezvani Beast Alpha


Many young boys plaster their bedroom walls with posters of supercars and fighter jets, dreaming of someday piloting one. Iranian-born auto mogul Ferris Rezvani was one of those dreamers.

Hennesey Venom GT


When the top sports car manufacturers in the world came together in 2007 for a showdown between the world’s fastest supercars, the list of participants read like a who’s who of European automotive royalty: McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti. But it was an upstart American company that ultimately dominated the competition.

Batteries Updates for BMW in 2026


New tech will make them lighter and boost their capacity, says BMW BMW expects a breakthrough in battery technology in 2026, by which time it plans to have solid-state batteries ready for production in its models.