Morgan EV3 – Electric Engine Same Classy Style

The first all-electric series-production Morgan has arrived in the shape of the new EV3 at the Geneva show. Based on the successful 3 Wheeler sports car, the EV3 swaps the 3 Wheeler’s 80bhp V-twin engine for a 62bhp electric motor. It is fed by a lithium battery and promises a range of 150 miles.

Morgan Plus Four


It is remarkable that Morgans are still made, but there is many a gent with a cloth cap and corduroys who is grateful that they are. Derived from the first four-wheeled Morgans of 1936, this is the car that buoyed Morgan on after the war while many of the old mainstays of the British auto … [Read more…]

Morgan Aero 8


This is the car that combined the stylish elegance of a bygone automotive era with the latest technology to create a handsome roadster that respects and enhances that great British habit of producing special hand-built sports cars.

Morgan Plus 8 – 1968

Morgan Plus 8 - 1968

Some people just refuse to move with the times — and thank goodness for that. At least so say the fans (there are many) of the Morgan Motor Company. Founded in 1909, Morgan is based in rural Worcestershire and hand-assembles fine British sports cars that are so coveted that there is inevitably a (sometimes lengthy) … [Read more…]

Morgan 4/4 – 1955

Morgan 4-4 - 1955

The company was famous for its three-wheelers when Morgan announced its that ‘4-4 — four wheels and four cylinders’ cars in 1936. It returned from war production in 1950 with its Plus-4, a commercial success but a demographic step too far upmarket for the marque’s core enthusiasts.