Mazda Will Be Cleaner With New Petrol Tech

Mazda has pledged that its next generation of petrol-engined vehicles will be cleaner than electric cars because they will use efficiency-boosting compression ignition technology. The Japanese company is developing a new range of engines, called Skyactiv-X, which is set to replace the current Skyactiv-G range in 2019. They use compression ignition technology that has previously … [Read more…]

Mazda 6 Wagon Gets On The Top

Mazda is not just about the MX-5. The little roadster, the most beloved and sold in the world, has marked an era, it has basically founded and consecrated a school of thought, keeping the Japanese maker among the big names, but Mazda doesn’t want to sit and wait or to be only associated with the … [Read more…]

An Unforgettable Journey With Mazda MX-5

IT TAKES A LOCAL TO SNAP ME OUT OF MY blissful ignorance. Partly because the thrashing of a Nissan Patrol’s 44-inch tyres is difficult to ignore when it’s occurring at eye level, but mostly for the look its occupants give as they pass. Incredulity would cover it, but pity is an appropriate surrogate. Either way, … [Read more…]

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv-D 2.2 Preview


What it is:  A compression-ignition middle finger to the masses of virtually identical life-ends-with-children mobiles. Should also come with the bonus of meaningful steering feel and impressive road manners.

Mazda MX-5 RF

This lithe and lovable MX-5 roadster has long been the ‘affordable’ Porsche Boxster option, but the newly launched RF version, which adds a retractable folding hard top and a tougher new look, means it’s now the Porsche Cayman you absolutely can afford. It also spells an end to the ‘hairdresser’ Jokes.

Mazda 3: Can You Spot The Difference?

Spot the difference. It isn’t easy, because the new Mazda3 is uncannily like the old one. The grille badge has moved fractionally downwards for a cleaner edge to the front bonnet line, the circular central beams in the headlights are now chopped off across the top and the rear lights are slightly revised. It’s all … [Read more…]

Mazda 6 SE-L Nav 2017


This isn’t a new car, or even a facelift, but an ‘update’. Before you nod off, however, there are still plenty of reasons to pay attention. The current 6’s good bits remain – sharp styling, neat handling plus competitive prices – but the company has tweaked the twin-turbo diesel engines for added refinement, crammed in … [Read more…]

Mazda 3 2016 Has Got Facelifted


Let’s play a round of Family Fortunes (humour me for a moment). Name a medium-sized family hatchback. It’s a pretty safe bet that top 3, in no particular order, are going to be Golf, Focus and Astra. The Mazda 3, meanwhile, would probably be one of those “ohh yeah, that one” answers left on the … [Read more…]