Supra-engined Datsun 260Z


Chasing Js are fans of the proven resto-mod approach (as perfected by the likes of Singer with their Porsches): enhance the classic lines but banish all the period weediness, slop and the appalling lack of brakes with modern componentry. So into their outlandish Z has gone a boosted Supra straight-six, for the kind of output … [Read more…]

Ferrari-engined Toyota GT86


For all the talk of casual oversteer the standard GT86 just hasn’t the grunt to indulge in effortless sideways. While some have looked to tuning and forced induction, serial specials builder and engine swapper Ryan Tuerck has solved the issue of inadequate performance in some style: by dropping in the flat plane-cranked Tipo 136 V8 … [Read more…]

Ford Mustang GT4 Racer


The appeal of a ready-to-race GT4 racecar directly from the manufacturer isn’t hard to see – just look at Porsche’s deliciously agile and balanced Cayman GT4 Clubsport. Ford chose SEMA to debut its significantly hairier Mustang GT4 racer, complete with 5.2-litre V8 and, like the Cayman, an idiot-proof six-speed paddleshift transmission. The GT4 Mustang should … [Read more…]

What’s With The Stadium Super Trucks?


600bhp pick-ups with zero grip and mid-air overtakes: where do we sign? What’s this all about? The pet project of former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon, it’s a one-make series for identical pick-up- style buggies with giant wheels, giant horsepower (600bhp+) and, most spectacularly, some giant jumps. Imagine a radio-controlled truck made real, minus the aerial. … [Read more…]

BMW’s Operation Codenamed G29 and The iProject Put The Bavarian Factory Among The Supercars’ Producers


Think BMW has given up on sports cars? Think again. Development is intensifying on a two-seat roadster to replace the Z4, and a flagship coupe reviving the 8-series badge won’t be far behind. Finally, and ultimately, a mid-engined supercar is proposed for 2019. That’s one hell of a triple whammy. Today’s Z4 roadster quietly passed … [Read more…]

Triumph Bonneville T100: The Best Ride In Town

There’s something about the Bonneville that makes you feel it’s going to work just fine. From its looks to the exhaust note to the ride – there’s admiration guaranteed. It’s not remotely flashy, but that classic styling is sure to catch the attention of many. And with g its overload of chrome, the all-new Bonneville … [Read more…]

Wild NSX GT3 Wings To Lead SEMA Stars

EVERY year, Las Vegas hosts a trade show with a difference. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) event is the world’s biggest and wildest modified car show, and 2016’s gathering opened its doors last week. While the aim is for aftemarket specialists and tuners to buy and sell their latest products, the diversity of vehicles … [Read more…]