McLaren 675LT

2015 McLaren 675LT Coupe Delta Red 12

It doesn’t really take much to make a child happy. Then, if the child in question has little more than 30 years and a passion for McLaren, you does not need more than the right car and the right road.

Spread Your Wings – Tesla Model X


Save and Send. Its too late to go back and change my piece for this month – and I am expecting trouble on the way (or maybe not) when the boss will read that I madly love the Model X, mainly for its rear doors, baptized “falcon wings doors”.

Boat To Glory – Aston Martin AM37


That lump in the gut when you bungee-jump off a ledge, the heart-stopping sensation that hits you when you catch your crush checking you out, the moment your car went sideways for the very first time – all these instances have one thing in common. Goosebumps.

MV Agusta RR – The Italian Touch


There are three options in the Dragster range – the base 800 model, the RR and the LH44. Unfortunately, as incredible as the LH44 is, the availability and price just make it a little out of reach for most people.

Cruise Control – The Evolutionary History of Motorcycles


Gone are the days when we had to make do with anaemic 100c screamers, when the only muscle bikes around was the ‘Yamdoot’ RD350 besides that old warhorse, Royal Enfield’s Bullet and that flash in the pan – Jawa’s Yezdi 250cc. BMW made waves when they announced and launched the F650 Funduro in January ’96.