Lexus RC 200t Is Now Hotter Than Ever

Before testing the lesser-powered turbocharged Lexus RC we first had to test Ben Barry. That’s because in last month’s Giant Test he declared the V8 version better than the BMW M4 and Ford Mustang, and some of us questioned the whereabouts of his marbles. Turns out he’s okay though. So, where does that leave the … [Read more…]

Lexus LC 500 Is Now More Muscular & Tempting

LEXUS says its new LC is “absolutely not a sports car”; it’s being positioned as a grand tourer, and even more importantly than that, as a halo car for the brand. We drove an early reversion of the LC 500h last year (Issue 1,452) and declared it a technological masterpiece. The innovative gearbox and part-electric … [Read more…]

Lexus GS 350 Makes One Of The Best Cars In The Business

WERE HAVE ALL THE naturally-aspirated engines gone? There was a time when turbocharged were on the brink of extinction but now it seems the tide has turned against any powerplant that doesn’t have a blower force-feeding its intake plenum. So when a carmaker rolls out a naturally-aspirated model these days, it should be savoured like … [Read more…]

Discover The New Lexus LC500

‘I’M A BIG FAN OF THE 911. Its driving feel drives me crazy!’ This is Koji Sato, chief engineer on Lexus’s LC project and the man tasked with turning Lexus into a brand keen drivers no longer cross the road to avoid. You’ve got to admire his ambition. Sato-san tells me his team benchmarked the … [Read more…]

Lexus LC 500h

A HIGH-performance GT is not the most obvious place to find the calm combination of a hybrid engine and CVT automatic gearbox. But Lexus has persevered with both over the years, so it’s no real surprise to see them on offer in the stunning new LC 500h – but with a twist. First, let’s just … [Read more…]

New Trims For Lexus CT200H


Lexus has revised the CT200H range with two new trims: Sport and Executive Edition. Sport brings privacy glass, while Executive Edition gets cruise control and both get sat-nav. Each costs £23,745, which is £1750 more than base S specification. Save

New Lexus SUV Tipped To Replace CT200h

LEXUS WILL SHOWCASE a new SUV concept at the Paris motor show later this month. The vehicle is set to preview a future hybrid production model to replace the CT200h hybrid hatchback. Called the UX Concept, it is said by Lexus to have been created to offer a glimpse of the brand’s future design direction. … [Read more…]