Jensen-Healey – 1972


When the Austin Healey 3000 was discontinued, Kjell Qvale was disappointed. The entrepreneurial Californian had built up a massive business importing and selling British and European performance cars in the USA. As such he was an influential player, managing to persuade Donald Healey and Jensen Motors to design and build a sports car to fill … [Read more…]

Jensen FF – 1966

Jensen FF - 1966

In 1961 the Ferguson P99 Climax scored a notable first and last. In the hands of Stirling Moss it became the first four-wheel-drive car — and last front-engined car — to win a Formula 1 race. On the road front, the joint venture led to the Jensen CV-8 FF shown at the Earls Court Motor … [Read more…]

Jensen Interceptor – 1966

Jensen Interceptor - 1966

Jensen Motors was founded by brothers Richard and Alan, who made vehicle bodies before World War II and were soon producing their own cars. The first Interceptor appeared in 1949 — a coupe with an Austin Six engine and a pioneering fibreglass body.