2017 Honda Civic: A Family Car With a Vicious Look

Concept previews Honda’s larger, roomier and more efficient family hatchback Honda’s 10th-generation Civic hatchback has been previewed at the Geneva motor show with a closeto-production concept car. The new Civic hatchback previewed by the Geneva concept will be closely related to the 10th-generation coupé and saloon, which have already been launched in other markets. It … [Read more…]

Say Hello To The New Honda Civic

A big hello, then, to the new Honda Civic. With emphasis on the ‘big’, for the tenth (tenth!) generation of Japan’s answer to the VW Golf is frankly enormous. Honda boasts this new Civic has the longest wheelbase in its class. I don’t doubt it. If someone told you this was the new Accord, you … [Read more…]

Honda Cliq: Design & Speed Perfectly Combined

Honda has taken yet another unconventional approach to the new Cliq. Though it may appear chunky, its mechanicals and all those plastic panels amount to a 102kg kerb. Hop onto the saddle and things don’t feel overly wholesome as on other scoots. There are no panels around the naked handlebar, and seeing the small instrument … [Read more…]

Honda’s First EV Here In 2019

HONDA HAS CONFIRMED that a production version of the Urban EV Concept will be produced in 2019. The electric car, the Japanese manufacturer’s first for Europe, is built on a new, dedicated electric platform and “sets the direction for the technology and design” of its future EVs.

Is Honda NSX Really A Junior Porsche 918?

ON 22 JULY 2014, SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT made my life a little simpler. It ironed out a wrinkle of uncertainty that had always snagged the smooth running of any conversation heading towards a particular, job-related question. The best car I’d ever driven? Not a clue. Over the years I’d lied, hedged, sat on the fence … [Read more…]

Honda NSX: The Fearless Rival Of Porsche?

ENCRUSTED IN A GRITTY CARAPACE OF SALTY winter crud, the NSX is a long way from the dazzling vision of hybrid technology and immaculate engineering that you might expect of Honda’s halo car. Here, high up on the North York Moors, a week’s worth of driving is crystallising – literally and metaphorically-into thoughts and feelings … [Read more…]

Honda Civic Type R Finally Hits British Roads

The Type R has landed. Faster, stronger, more powerful and more advanced than any of its forebears, the hot Civic is now rolling off its Swindon production line. This fifth-gen version is the first in more than a decade to move back to all-independent suspension and the first to be developed as a performance car … [Read more…]

Honda Civic Type R Is Back And More Furious Than Ever


It’s a Monday morning on the German autobahn network, somewhere in the rural east The new Honda Civic Type R is cruising at 240km/h, 30km/h short of its potential, perpetually frustrated in its attempts to reach maximum velocity by traffic on this two-lane stretch towards Leipzig.

Honda Civic Type R 2018 Preview


What it is: A hard-edged Civic track car for the street. Honda doesn’t do surprises anymore, so the new R plays to type with big power, a big wing, and a little red H on its nose. More important: no hybrid, no all-wheel drive, and no automatic transmission.