Ferrari 812: More Power & a Smaller Price

The first time you uncork the 812’s 6.5-litre V12 and allow it to scream to that 8,900rpm limiter in third gear you ask yourself one simple question: “Does it feel faster than an F12 – I mean, can you really feel the extra 59bhp?” Is that two questions? Feels like just the one to me.

Ferrari Portofino: The Ultimate Supercar

The presentation of a new model by Ferrari is always an event, and the fact that the California T’s substitute does not only present new lines, but a brand new name, it just makes our ears ring – here’s the brand new Ferrari Portofino. To celebrate one of the most picturesque and exclusive location of … [Read more…]

New Ferrari Has More Than An Aerodynamic Look

FERRARI has revealed the Portofino, a new ‘entry-level’ GT designed to replace the California T. It will make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The Portofino features more power, a new, lighter chassis and more aerodynamic body work than the outgoing California T. Under the bonnet sits the same 3.9-litre turbo V8 found … [Read more…]

Ferrari 812 Superfast: The Best In Town

ENZO FERRARI ONCE ALSO SAID AERODYNAMICS ARE for people who can’t build engines. Obviously those days are now well past and the 812 SF is first the product of the wind tunnel. The entire body is a lesson in aerodynamics with scoops, slashes, air channels and active and passive mobile aero devices to increase downforce … [Read more…]

1960s: Ferrari 250 GTO

Legend has it that Enzo Ferrari started building road cars as a necessary evil. He loved racing, but it cost a lot of money, hence the road car business. One of those necessary evils was the Ferrari 250 GTO, the first Ferrari to bear the hallowed three letters that would grace other legendary models such … [Read more…]

Novitec 488 GTB Will Amaze You

Starting from what is more than a good donor – that of the Ferrari 488 GTB – Novitec has radically left its signature transforming every deeper shade of the Prancing Horses berlinetta. From being a thrilling performance supercar with an innate inclination to be driven on any type of road, the 488 GTB embraces the … [Read more…]