DeLorean DMC 12

“The long-awaited transport revolution has begun” bellowed the glossy brochures for John Zachary DeLorean’s mold-breaking DMC 12. With a unique brushed stainless-steel body, gullwing doors, and an all-electric interior, the DMC was intended as a glimpse of the future. Today its claim to fame is as one of the car industry’s greatest failures, on a … [Read more…]

DeLorean DMC-12 – 1981


The story behind the DMC-12 is a scandalous tale of over-reaching ambition and ultimate ruination. Its production was surrounded by a murky aura of shady deals and sleaze, which involved Lotus Cars and the British government and ended in the arrest and trial of ex-Pontiac engineer, John Z DeLorean on charges of cocaine smuggling. In … [Read more…]