2017 Chrysler Pacifica

IF YOU HAVE KIDS (emphasis on the plural), as the second child begins to crawl and the stuff she needs merely to survive, let alone be happy, on a trip to the grandparents seems to require its own set of luggage—which your firstborn already has… you should have anticipated this—you come to a realization: What … [Read more…]

Chrysler 300L (1965)


Back in ’55, Chrysler debuted their mighty 300 “Letter Car.” The most powerful automobile of the year, the 300C kicked off a new genre of gentleman’s hot rod that was to last for more than a decade. Chrysler cleverly marked annual model changes with letters, running from the 300B in 1956 all the way through—the … [Read more…]

Chrysler 300F (1960)


“Red hot and rambunctious” is how Chrysler sold the 300F. It may be one of the strangest slogans of any American automaker, but the 300F really was red hot and a serious flying machine that could better 140 mph (225 km/h).

Chrysler New Yorker


Why can’t they make cars that look this good anymore? The ’57 New Yorker was the first and finest example of Chrysler’s “Forward Look” policy. With the average American production worker earning $82.32 a week, the $4,259 four-door hardtop was both sensationally good-looking and sensationally expensive.

Chrysler Imperial


In 1950 Chrysler was celebrating its silver jubilee, an anniversary year with a sting in its tail. The Office of Price Stabilization had frozen car prices, there was a four-month strike, and serious coal and steel shortages were affecting the industry.

Chrysler 300C – 2005

Chrysler 300C - 2005

The Chrysler 300 name has been around since medieval times —well, the 1950s then — reappearing periodically on different Chryslers ever since. The latest 300 hit the streets as a full-sized luxury saloon in 2004, after impressing the previous year’s New York Auto Show as a concept car. The concept was for a sporty rear-wheel … [Read more…]

Chrysler Laser XT – 1985

Chrysler-Laser XT - 1985

They were near-identical twins. Built on Chrysler’s G platform (a shorter version of their old warhorse K platform), the new Dodge Daytona and Chrysler Laser launched simultaneously in 1984 to replace the Chrysler Conquest. Their restrained but eager styling made them two of the best-looking sports coupes ever made in America, an appreciation they have … [Read more…]

Chrysler 300 Hurst – 1970


Despite the bold ‘300’ in the title, this was no return of the fabled Chrysler 300 letter series of luxury cars that had been produced from 1958 to 1965 (or to put it another way, from A to L), though some consider the Chrysler 300 Hurst to be an honorary member of the elite 300 … [Read more…]

Chrysler Cordoba 300 – 1979


The Chrysler Corporation was going through a bad patch in the 1970s, and cast around for new ideas to revive fast-flagging fortunes. In the 1960s Chrysler had very publicly declared that the company would never, ever produce anything less than a full-size car. Promises, promises! But by the time a new decade rolled round with … [Read more…]

Chrysler Town & Country – 1941

Chrysler Town & Country - 1941

Don’t jump into a modern Chrysler Town & Country people carrier and think you’re driving the real thing. That was introduced by the Chrysler Corporation in 1941, representing the company’s entry into a burgeoning market sector that would – to the regret of many – last for barely a decade. For this was ‘woodie’ country … [Read more…]