BMW’s New Design Will Impress You

Former Skoda design chief, and Bugatti Veyron designer, Jozef Kabaň only took up his new role as BMW head of design operations in February (too late to change direction with the two newly revealed models you see here) but it’s obvious that whatever comes next needs a lot more pizzazz.

New BMW M2 Is The First Truly Great M Car In Years

LAGUNA SECA is a little bit of everywhere made awesome, its epic climbs and tortuous turns exaggerated versions of special roads from all over the world. The gut-wrenching Corkscrew mimics the technical, testing drop from Upper Finton to Lower Finton deep in England’s leafy B-road boondocks. The long, engine-stretching start-finish ‘straight’ could be any stretch … [Read more…]

Discover What BMW 330e Can Do

UNDER THE BOOT floor of this outwardly conventional 3-series there’s a stack of lithium ion batteries, serving two principle purposes: first to power an 87bhp electric motor sandwiched between the 184bhp 2.0-litre four-pot engine and the transmission, and second to steal 110 litres of boot space. Is either purpose a laudable one? We start our … [Read more…]

BMW Concept Z4: Please Do It!

Over the years, BMW has accustomed us to an unprecedented series of outstanding concept cars – futuristic lines that often left room for more sober solutions when going into production. The Concept Z4, just like the 8 Series Concept, has been presented at Pebble Beach and, as emphasized by the sources, except for the rear-view … [Read more…]

BMW M5: Everything You’ll Ask For Christmas!

Totally new, even if at first sight may seem the exact opposite. The brand new M5 will soon arrive on our roads, strong of a series of updates that will make it a serious star of your Christmas wish list. Prices starting at around € 118,000, 600 horses and all wheel drive, indispensable to safely … [Read more…]

BMW Gets Back On Track With Its New i3 EV

BMW’S facelifted i3 has been officially unveiled ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, with a hotter i3s model joining the standard EV. While the basic version keeps the 168bhp electric motor of the current i3 – named Best Electric Car at our New Car Awards – the i3s is tuned … [Read more…]

BMW M4 Performance Edition


With a marque that’s known for its calibre and stature, BMW and Munich Automobiles recently announced a new addition to the stable with the latest BMW M4 Performance Edition. This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill release with a cosmetic upgrade, the M4 is a trailblazer in its own right.