Bentley Continental GT: Is Now Sportier Than Before

BENTLEY is aiming to build upon record sales and the burgeoning success of its Bentayga SUV with this all-new, third-generation Continental GT sports tourer, which has been revealed ahead of a public debutat next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The newcomer’s front-end styling incorporates elements seen on Bentley’s EXP 10 Speed 6 sports car concept. Meanwhile, … [Read more…]

Bentley Continental GT Prototype

THE SILHOUETTE IS certainly familiar. So is the aristocratic throb of the big W12 at idle, but the driving experience is alien for something hailing from Crewe. Fourteen years after its inception, the original Continental GT has matured into a vastly improved machine compared with those blunt, wallowing coupes of 2003, but the truth is … [Read more…]

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

THE Bentley Bentayga has already been a huge success for the British luxury manufacturer; depending on which market you’re in, the waiting list for the brand’s first SUV could be as long as two years. That demand is only likely to grow with the addition of this new diesel variant – the first Bentley not … [Read more…]

Best for Being Driven In – Bentley Mulsanne EWB


There’s much to be said for a well-sorted sporting GT, but sometimes there’s business to be done or sleep to be had with miles still to go. And, for that, you need a luxurious, autonomous car. This is Bentley’s version of autonomy however, which involves a technological marvel called a “chauffeur”, and a car called … [Read more…]

Bentley’s First Diesel

In a landmark move by the Crewe-based luxury car maker, Bentley has announced that its first ever diesel powered car will be delivered in the UK early next year. Priced at £135/500, the 429bhp 4.0-litre triple-charged V8 diesel engine develops a mighty 646lb ft of torque and lays claim to being the fastest diesel SUV … [Read more…]

Pockets Deep – Mountain High: Bentley Bentayga


High on the island of Gran Canaria is the rock that gave Bentley’s Bentayga its name. Time one towering monolith met the other, surely? Melted ice cream runs in white and pink rivulets across chubby, sun-kissed knuckles. Moments later soft balls of vanilla and strawberry slide from the cone and plop onto hot, parched sand, … [Read more…]

Bentley Flying Spur V8 S


Luxury four-door gets tweaks designed to make you give the chauffeur the day off Choosing a Bentley Flying Spur used to be a simple affair, with its well-heeled buyers facing a straightforward choice between the power of the Wl2-engined version and the poise of the V8 one, but now Bentley has made things a little … [Read more…]