Aston Martin DB11: Every Human’s Dream

The DB11 has been puzzling me for a while now. And here’s why: it rides too well. I know, I know, this sounds mad, but we’ve long been fed cars that compromise comfort for schportiness. The DB11 doesn’t do that – it’s a big GT cruiser and it rides like a big GT cruiser should.

The Awesome Aston Valkyrie Has Evolved

I’m standing shoeless in the middle of Aston Martin’s design studio, peering through a porthole into a dark capsule. Surrounding me is the senior design team – boss Marek Reichmann over my left shoulder – all are silent, fixated on how I’m planning to contort myself into the driver’s seat.

Aston Martin DB11 Comes Up With Fresh Look and Engine


Aston’s DB9 replacement sits on a new structure, packs a new 600bhp twin-turbo V12, covers 0-62mph in 3.9sec, hits 200mph and costs £154,900 This is the new Aston Martin DB11, hailed by its maker as “the most powerful, efficient and dynamically gifted DB model” in the firm’s 103-year history. The first product from Aston’s ‘second century’ … [Read more…]

Aston Martin Enters The Game Again With DBX

The design of the Aston Martin DBX has been signed off-and the radical move to enter the SUV segment from late 2019 is expected to transform the fortunes of the 104-year-old firm, which has been declared bankrupt seven times in its fluctuating history. The DBX will rival the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Maserati Levante and … [Read more…]

300 Aston Martin Comes With Fresh Forces

100 V12 and 200 V8 Vantages, both in coupe and roadster declination, and the dice is thrown! Finally, after having seen the magnificent preview in Geneva, Aston Martin confirms that a total production of 300 units will be released on the market, featuring the Aston Martin Racing livery and carrying a few interesting things at … [Read more…]

Vanquish All Foes


Aston Martin and Zagato’s latest supercar is the peak of automotive partnerships Some automotive collaborations stand above the rest. Ford and Shelby come to mind, or the long-standing romance between Ferrari and Pininfarina.

Aston Martin DBX Preview


What it is:  The newest sign that the end is nigh? Also, “nigh”? In what other context would one use that word? What were we saying? Oh, right, DBX. Well, it’s part of Aston Martin’s plan for long-term survival. And we all know what that means these days: a crossover/SUV-type thingamabob. We saw it first … [Read more…]

An Ocean Marvel – Aston Martin AM37


Aston Martin’s first offering to the sea gods is making waves with same spirit and strenght as the maruque’s most famous road-farers Short of buying a football team or a private island, the motion of the ocean is what really separates the men from the boys. Russian coal and fertiliser big shot Andrey Melnichenko recently … [Read more…]