A White Light in The Dark – Alpine  A110

Alpine- A110-1

This is a big moment in the history of Alpine, the once iconic French brand that went dormant for a couple of decades but is now on the brink of making a spectacular return with an all-new A110 I’m sitting next to Terry Baillon, Renault Sport’s head of chassis development; as we spear serenely but … [Read more…]

Alpine Set For 2017 Launch

Renault is planning to launch an expanded range of Alpine sports models once its first two-seat coupe, strongly tipped to be called A120, has begun a new era for the marque early next year. The transverse mid-engined A120 is likely to cost around £50,000 and is expected to be followed by a convertible and a … [Read more…]

Alpine A110 Berlinette – 1962

Alpine A110 Berlinette - 1962

The Alpine A 110 is the rally car par excellence, the embodiment of one man’s pioneer spirit and passionate dedication to the world of motor racing. Born in Dieppe in 1922, the son of a Renault engineer, Jean Redele grew up tinkering with cars and fascinated by the race track. He started to enter competitions … [Read more…]