Catch The Big Fish With Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Edition

This is entayga Fly Fishing edition – created by Bentley’s in-house coachbuilding division Mulliner at a cost of £80,000. That’s on top of the price of a standard Bentayga, which starts from £161,375.


Fly Fishing by Mulliner edition costs £80,000 on top of the standard price of Bentayga

It features a hand-crafted fly fishing set trimmed in wood and leather, which includes four bespoke rods.


In the boot three individual, saddle- leather-trimmed units house a sliding tray, a refreshment case and a waterproof wader stowage trunk. However, all three units can be removed if required to free up maximum luggage space.


To ensure your favourite hobby doesn’t damage the interior, Bentley provides an electronic dehumidifier, too. Further protection comes in the form of rear sill covers and a waterproof boot floor. Another exclusive touch to the Fly Fishing by Mulliner Bentayga are welcome lights which project Bentley and Mulliner logos on to the ground when the doors are opened. Customers can even specify a personalised projection.

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