Porsche Carrera GT


The Carrera GT is the most unusual car Porsche has ever produced, as well as the fastest and most expensive. Its debut at the Geneva Motor Show of 2003 caused a flurry of excitement. This was a supercar that looked as though it was meant for the track, not the road – and that was … [Read more…]

BMW i8 2015

The i8 is a drop-dead looker, and a scintillating-driving 4WD sports car. It’s also a fuel-sipping plug-in hybrid. In a mid-mounted position behind the cabin is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, highly turbocharged for 231bhp.

Ferrari LaFerrari 2013


Hybrid power increases efficiency. Efficiency can be realised as extra economy or extra power. Guess which Ferrari chose for its £1.15 million range-topper?

Chevrolet Volt 2016


The Volt has done fairly well in the USA, but the version badged Vauxhall Ampera flopped here so the Volt’s second generation won’t cross the Atlantic. Shame, as it’s a good car. This is an extended-range electric vehicle, or in some lexicons a series hybrid.

Toyota Mirai


The Mirai is a hybrid with no engine. Instead, it gets a hydrogen fuel cell – the first one on sale in the UK. Hydrogen and oxygen are pumped into either side of the membranes of the fuel cell, and a catalyst separates the electron from the hydrogen proton.