Triumph Dolomite Sprint – 1973


The affectionate nickname ‘Dolly Sprint’ is a measure of the respect aficionados have for the car. Triumph’s Dolomite Sprint was a very fast, very clever creation. Its Jekyll was a four-door, traditionally manicured, upmarket saloon calculated to reassure corporate managers of their status, and to persuade them by association of its genteel suitability as an … [Read more…]

Toyota Celica A20/35 1st Series – 1970


During some 35 years of success, seven generations of the Toyota Celica have never deviated far from the principles which governed the genesis of the first series. The Celica A20/35 was profiled as a four-seat, pillarless, hardtop coupe that filled the gap between Toyota’s 2000GT supercar and the family-oriented Carina saloon. In October 1970 at … [Read more…]

Suzuki SC100 GX ‘Whizzkid’ – 1979


The Suzuki name is now garlanded with accolades from two-wheel motor sports. Such success was inconceivable when, in 1952, the company abandoned its long history of making industrial looms for weavers, and gambled everything on motorizing some of Japan’s 97 million people. Early experience with mopeds and motorbikes encouraged Suzuki to explore ways of minimizing … [Read more…]

Saab 99 Turbo – 1977


The actual Saab 99 Turbo launch car was an almost iridescent pearl white. It stunned the 1977 Frankfurt Auto Show. The unique body colour dramatized Saab’s revolutionary solution to every auto manufacturer’s problem of maintaining performance in the teeth of increasingly strict emissions controls, in Europe and more importantly, the USA.

Rolls-Royce Camargue – 1975


The Camargue stands slightly apart, and indeed aloof, from other Rolls Royce series and models. The company had been inspired by a 1968 Bentley T unmistakably designed by that genius of Italian sports car styling, Pininfarina. Submerged in financial crisis during the early 1970s, Rolls-Royce needed a dramatic statement car.

Renault-Alpine A310 V6 – 1976


Renault’s close association with Alpine was rooted in a shared racing philosophy. Until 1971 the collaboration was restricted to nimble, rear-engined coupes that broke easily and lacked both space and comfort. They were terrific for racing or rallying, but not a lot of fun for normal driving. The advent of the Alpine-Renault A310 in 1971 … [Read more…]

Sora By Lito: Motorcycle Features Incorporated In A Modern Bycicle


From carbon-fiber bodywork to high-performance Ohlins suspension, the Sora by Lito has all the trimmings you’d expect from an exotic, six-figure motorcycle—except for an engine. The Sora is the most luxurious all-electric motorcycle on the market, an expanding field that now includes speed demons like the Zero SR and the Lightning LS-218. But where other … [Read more…]