Mercedes-Benz GLS: This Brilliant, Analogue Bus Is Merc’s Best SUV

IN AN AUSTRIAN ski lift station temporarily brought to corporate heel in the interests of trespassing Mercedes’ new GLS a scant few kilometres across the sub-zero grounds of an ibex kindergarten, pride of place goes to an art deco fanlight-fashioned display of the company’s 37-strong SUV model range. That’s right: thirty seven. Granted, five specimens … [Read more…]

Lexus RC 200t Is Now Hotter Than Ever

Before testing the lesser-powered turbocharged Lexus RC we first had to test Ben Barry. That’s because in last month’s Giant Test he declared the V8 version better than the BMW M4 and Ford Mustang, and some of us questioned the whereabouts of his marbles. Turns out he’s okay though. So, where does that leave the … [Read more…]

BMW Concept Z4: Please Do It!

Over the years, BMW has accustomed us to an unprecedented series of outstanding concept cars – futuristic lines that often left room for more sober solutions when going into production. The Concept Z4, just like the 8 Series Concept, has been presented at Pebble Beach and, as emphasized by the sources, except for the rear-view … [Read more…]

BMW M5: Everything You’ll Ask For Christmas!

Totally new, even if at first sight may seem the exact opposite. The brand new M5 will soon arrive on our roads, strong of a series of updates that will make it a serious star of your Christmas wish list. Prices starting at around € 118,000, 600 horses and all wheel drive, indispensable to safely … [Read more…]

Discover Another Face Of Zonda

In recent times we have seen many variants of the Zonda promising to be the latest version to be produced, but fortunately – for one reason or another – Horacio and his team found a way to give us a masterpiece more even after the arrival of the Huayra. At Pebble Beach we have been … [Read more…]

Cayenne: The King Is Back

The Cayenne represents at its best the words Sport and Performance, regardless of the weight and ground clearance of this “maxi 911”. The third generation of Stuttgart’s SUV has just been introduced and brings with it a multitude of features that will make it the perfect choice for those who do not want to accept … [Read more…]