AMG GT R – 577 HP From Inner (Green) Hell

AMG Green Hell Magno – this is the name of the special color with which the AMG GT R has been presented, in honor of all the test days in the deep heart of the Green Hell (for those who came from Saturn, the ‘Ring).

amg-gtr-logoBut lets face it – who cares about the color, when after a long gestation and a few teaser, we are finally able to sit on one of the most beautiful GT around? Despite it shares so much with the standard GT S, the GT R can be considered as a whole new’ model. The twin-turbo V8 delivers 577hp (+74) and 699Nm of torque, thanks to new turbos that handle much more pressure, a remapped ECU, a different exhaust system, etc.. The transmission has been upgraded too, and the 7-speed dual clutch g’box gives power to the rear wheels, also helped by a new and more powerful torque converter unit.


Moreover, as often it happens with models rated for most extreme performances, a lot of weight has been saved too, suspension are stiffer in order to allow a more racing drive, especially when it has to do with the curbs. From 0 to 100 3.5 seconds are enough and top speed is around 320 kph. The whole thing is topped by a caves’ monster sound and a very aggressive look, characterized by a fixed rear spoiler at the back and a new front consisting of a grid with vertical blades and a whole new bumper.


It seems looking at a GT3, but in one way or another, you know that this can be driven on every day roads, even wrhile maintaining the high comfort of the interior, making it even more an object of desire.

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