1980s – Porsche 959

The Porsche 959 was the most advanced road ear of its day. It was so advanced that many of its features wouldn’t he unseemly in a supercar of today. Bear in mind this was a car that made its debut in 1985, at that year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The 959 completed the century sprint in 3.7 seconds and would go on to a top speed over 300km/hr. Its bodyshell was comprised entirely of composites, which was inconceivably high-tech for its time, considering the first composite Formula One car, the McLaren MP4/1, made its racing debut just a few years prior.

Its 2.8-litre motor featured sequential twin-turbocharging (for increased smoothness across the rev range) and its chassis boasted adaptive all-wheel drive and suspension, the latter allowing the 959 to automatically lower its ride height at high speeds for better roadholding, along with magnesium-alloy wheels. Lessons learned on the 959 (a ‘technology platform’, according to Porsche) would go on to inform future Porsche products, and its influence can be seen today. All the advanced systems seen on the 911 Turbo S can trace their lineage directly back to the 959.

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