When a Satelite Takes the Wheel – Rolls Royce’s Satellite-Aided Transmission

Royal Guidance

Chauffeured life is not for everyone. Coach builder Rolls-Royce recognizes this and has moved your co-pilot skyward. The brand’s innovative satellite-aided transmission debuted in the Wraith coupe and the refreshed Ghost Series II.

The technology, which has roots In Formula One motorsport engineering, according to Rolls-Royce product communications expert Andrew Boyle, uses current GPs data paired with a car’s position and rate of travel to upshift or downshift accordingly.


satelite-aidedWhen the car is in motion, satellites “read” the road ahead as the onboard system analyzes your drive dynamic, propelling you through twists and turns in the most appropriate of eight gears. The goal is not autonomous travel but rather to deliver “a luxurious, effortless, rapid journey.’ Let’s call it a shift in driving.



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