Vuhl 05RR – Big Boys Hardcore Track Toy

The Vuhl 05, once first presented, has immediately gathered our favors. It is not something common to see a Mexican brand, come up with a track weapon in typical European style, or I should say British.

vuhl-breakesNow, following the good performance obtained with the very first model ever released, here is the 05RR, which is the hardcore version with aero kit and a massive rear spoiler, which is not there just to make it clear that things are getting serious, but also to produce downforce for the small track baby, which can also can be used on road.


There are new calibrations for suspension, steering and gearbox, but thevuhl-interior one thing that collects the most attention is the engine upgrade, the 2.3 4-cylinder EcoBoost gets here 385hp. A favorable structure and a weight further decreased will make the 05RR a real deal which, if used by the right (heavy) foot, will be able to deface well best-known names.


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