Volvo YCC

What sort of car would a woman design? This was not just a matter of passing curiosity to Volvo — more than half its US buyers are women and in Europe female sales have also been growing steadily.

In order to find out, Volvo let loose not just one woman but an entire design team of them to see what they would come up with. And, surprise surprise! It turns out that women are after exactly the same things as men —performance, prestige and style. And then some extra: storage space, easy parking, excellent visibility, easy to get in and out.

Your Concept Car is a distinctly unfeminine four-seater hybrid-engined coupe with muscular styling, massive alloy wheels and sweeping, glass fastback roof. And even the advanced ergonomics and plethora of high-tech extras are gender neutral. It is the roomy interior which shows the female influence — more of an ally living-room than a cockpit, with interchangeable seat covers and carpets in a variety of fabrics, notched head rests to accommodate back hair-dos and clever flip-up theatre-style rear seats for extra space.

The YCC is a great car . . . and yet, there is something not quite right about it. It takes a while to realize — there’s no bonnet! Who needs one? The combined forces of computer technology and your Volvo service station will provide. Once a year, trained mechanics will lift up the entire front section of the car to perform a service and oil change.

For any petrolhead worth his or her salt, the thought of being denied access to their car’s innards is too abhorrent even to contemplate. Fortunately, Volvo have no intention of producing the YCC. Rather, it was simply a project for generating new ideas, many of which are likely to be incorporated into production models in the future.






5-cylinder PZE (Partial Zero Emissions)




When the YCC was unveiled at Geneva in 2004, the media went wild. Write-ups filled more than 1.4 column miles (2.3 column km). The YCC and its design team went on to win numerous awards.



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