Volvo V90 Cross Country: Its Main Rule Is Comfort

Emergence of newer segments and body styles is proof that the Indian automobile market is evolving fast. Now Volvo has decided to bring in its own iteration a station wagon. One meant for those wanting something different, practical and versatile too. India, get ready to welcome the country’s first cross station wagon, the Volvo V90 Gross Country.

Primarily, the V90 is a station wagon very closely related to the S90. Unlike the regular V90’s 150mm clearance, this has 210mm under its belly. And there’s also a smart AWD system to ensure grip on all kinds of surfaces. The V90 is huge. Just shy of five metres in length, there’s plenty of space in the cabin and boot. Rear legroom is almost as much as an S-Class, and boot volume is as much a full-size SUV. Coming to the suffix of the V90, this really isn’t one of those pseudo crossovers. There’s cladding all round and enough clearance to dodge tricky patches when you wish you to venture off road.

The V90 Cross Country, when it comes to our shores in next three-four months, will be available in the top-spec diesel, the D5, with enough power and toys in the cabin to put the Germans to shame. In DS spec, the 2.0-litre diesel engine will produce 232bhp and 480Nm of twist. That’s 4S horses more than what the S90 had to offer. But those are just numbers; on the road, the V90 CC feels properly quick with no shortage of power across the powerband.

Properly plush on the inside; enough toys to give the Germans nightmares

The eight-speed gearbox sends power to the right wheel at the right time. Also, the AWD system does a great job of keeping things extremely safe and ensuring there’s ample grip on all sorts of surfaces. In terms of styling, the V90 does away with Volvo’s design language of the past and the general idea of station wagons. It actually looks interesting and is made to appeal even to young buyers. Its ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlamps and ultra-long length give it plenty of road presence.

Inside, it’s properly plush with all the premiumness that the XC90 has to offer and the choice of colours and materials is good enough to give the Germans real nightmares. At the centre of the wood-finished dash is Volvo’s signature touchscreen. It’s larger in size than any rival’s and solves all your multimedia, climate control and vehicle setting needs. With India allowing the use of radar tech in cars, now you can also get the adaptive cruise control, lane assist and collision avoidance system in the V90. The V90 currently has no direct rivals, and will appeal to a buyer who wants practicality, space and comfort in one package.

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