Volkswagen Readies Are Going For The ID Saloon Concept

Volkswagen will complete a quartet of ID electric concepts later this year with the unveiling of a saloon, possibly at the Frankfurt show in September. It will join an ID SUV, set to be unveiled at the Shanghai show next month, alongside the already revealed ID Buzz MPV and ID hatchback. VW design chief Klaus Bischoff has promised a “surprise” for the saloon, which apparently prompted “wows” from his colleagues when they saw it for the first time. The ID models preview VW’s EV ambitions, with the brand aiming to sell one million electric cars annually by 2025. The electric concepts represent ‘families’ of models, each of which will have different identities and body styles but a common theme, according to Bischoff, including what he calls “a no-grille” philosophy. “Volkswagen was born with no grille.” he said. “With ID, we’re looking into the future but have our original identity with a closed front end.”

Bischoff added that each ID model will feature a lower air intake for battery cooling when charging, and each will be identified by its headlights and an illuminated VW badge. MPV models will have a “friendly, positive” demeanour, as previewed by the ID Buzz concept, while the upcoming SUV will be “non-aggressive but self-confident”. Bischoff said public reaction to the Microbus-inspired Buzz concept will determine whether it goes into production. “The concept has been well received in the US and Europe, but the missing link is China,” he said. “From the business case point of view it’s quite an investment – it needs a global green light.

The ID saloon concept is said to have wowed VW insiders

In the meantime it’s thumbs up. We’re working on it. It’s more than a show car.” Bischoff added that the Buzz concept, which is the same length as a long-wheelbase Caravelle but much bigger inside, might “shrink a little” for production, and that it could be built off the VW Group’s MEB electric vehicle architecture. “I’ve tried quite a bit to bring this to life.” he said. “This is the final temptation.”

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