Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Imposing as a mythological creature and luxurious like a cathedral, the Vision Maybach-Mercedes 6 will remain a concept car, but could herald a future production model for Maybach, maybe able to collect the legacy interrupted after the beautiful Xenatec.


Over 5 meters and a half long and with a look that seems to come from the dangerous streets of “Sin City”, the M-M 6 has an all-electric powertrain ready to output 750 horses, able to push it from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds.


But if on the exterior this makes you think that you have made a leap forward in time, wait until you see the interior.


vision-mercedes-maybach-wheelCertainly extreme and not at all close to what we can touch on possible production models, this concept should be taken just as a preview agglomeration, a look (optimistic) about the future of a brand (in this case two), with cutting-edge solutions in terms of entertainment, driver assistance and minimalist design, which increasingly reduces the presence of buttons in favor of clean lines and surfaces, both outside and inside, with everything you need at your fingertips touch and displayed not only on the center console, but also on the windscreen.

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