Vauxhall Line-up To Feature Four SUVs By 2020

THE NEW VAUXHALL supermini-based crossover will be a family-orientated model that moves away from the MPV theme of the car it replaces, the Meriva. The new crossover is likely to be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show next September and is known internally as the B-Series. It is based on a PSA Group platform and clothed in all-new body panels. It will be given a new name and its SUV positioning will be reinforced by an X badge – a designation that Vauxhall is expected to add to all of its high-riding cars, as with the Mokka X. Vauxhall-Opel chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann said his company’s variants of the B-Series will look “very different” from those of PSA. He said: “They will not be seen as a rebadged Vauxhall or a rebadged Peugeot.

Meriva will be replaced by a crossover

Meriva will be replaced by a crossover

We took a lot of effort to differentiate those. There are many unique pressings in the upper body.” A second new Vauxhall crossover is tipped for launch in early 2018. It will be larger than the Mokka X and more family-orientated. It’s also based on a PSA platform and known as the C-Series. Neumann described it as a “very cool car, very stylish, very differentiated from its brother/sister car”. Both models will be built in Spain at GM’s Zaragoza plant alongside PSA versions. Vauxhall will add a fourth SUV to its range in 2020. Based on the Insignia Grand Sport due for launch next year, it will be the range-topping model in Vauxhall’s line-up.

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