Vauxhall In Another Fire Alert As Now Corsas Go Up In Flames

VAUXHALL is again facing calls from owners to explain why its vehicles have caught fire, after Corsa owners reported their cars had burst into flames. Owners of the fourth-gene ration Vauxhall Corsa D, built between 2006 and 2014, reported cases of the vehicle catching fire, prompting a recall of 2,767 cars in April. The maker identified a fault with the braking system in some 1,4-litre petrol models where water could leak in and fry electronics. Howevcorsaer, now more owners have come forward, including some who fell outside the initial recall criteria.

This has prompted calls for a wider investigation into the 700.000 Corsa D models sold in total.

Although the matter was unrelated in cause, Vauxhall was forced to twice recall 234,938 Zafira B models in the UK after a spate of fires, once in 2015 and then again earlier this year. And in 2007, Vauxhall also recalled 200.000 Corsa C models built between 200 3 and 2005 over a fire risk, after an attempted fix to a short circuit in the anti-lock braking system failed to cure the fault.

In January 2016, Auto Express reported on a 1,4-litre Corsa D owner finding their car ablaze late at night after it had been parked on the driveway for hours. At the time, Vauxhall said it could not investigate the matter as “the car belonged to the insurance company”. With fire cases, insurers will often take ownership of the vehicle and launch their own investigation, leaving manufacturers unable to analyse the vehicle themselves.

Fourth-generation Corsa has been recalled over a potential fire risk

Fourth-generation Corsa has been recalled over a potential fire risk

In the wake of the latest recall, Vauxhall said it “takes any report of fire very seriously” and would prefer to conduct a joint investigation with insurers, but “for a variety of reasons this is not always possible”. A spokesman added: “Customer safety is of the utmost importance. Fires can occur for a wide variety of reasons an d it’s worth noting that, on average, there are 18,000 vehicle fires a year across all makers in the U K, It is estimated there are around 35 million vehicles registered in the UK.”

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