Track Toy Must-Have – McLaren 570S Sprint

The great thing about having so much money and free time is that you can afford the luxury of playing to be a racing driver – and top-level brands know that well.

mc-laren-750s-sprint-5Take for example our beloved McLaren, which during the days of the Goodwood Festival of Speed has been able to present the ultimate fun machine for those who want to dabble on track at the wheel of the “small” Sport Series model, the 570S. The 570S Sprint is a car that can be used exclusively on track, but for corporate decisions should not fall to any kind of compromise dictated by restrictions or regulations of any kind. What does it mean? It means that technicians could put every detail to perfection, just as they wished.


All this translates into a track beast, with the typical cosmetic features of mc-laren-750s-sprint-6a racing car as we all know it. Big spoiler at the rear, splitter at front, center locking wheels, skimming the ground body and a downforce that allows warp speeds. Other aerodynamic details anticipate you that there is more violence and connectivity with the asphalt, thanks to its 562hp 3.8 twin-turbo V8. Inside, the racing flavor keeps with a bare interior, six points belts, safety fire extinguisher and a tubular structure to strengthen the body and reassure the driver. An extravagant toy, but perfectly able to realize the dreams of every car fanatics.


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