Top 5 Nurburgring’s Lap Times for Front-wheel Drive Cars

Unsure the front-drive Nordschleife lap record really matters? This lot would beg to differ


5. Renaultsport Megane Trophy 265


Time: 8m 7.97s ec

When: June 2011

Quicker round the ‘Ring than a Honda NSX-R and still an all-time hot hatch great, the 265’s time stood for three years. The previous record holder? Another hardcore Megane, the plastic windowed R26R.

4. Seat Leon Cupra 280


Time: 7m 58.44sec

When: March 2014

Electronically controlled diff and 276bhp helped Seat chop nearly 10sec from Renault’s record. WTCC helm Jordi Gene did the not-lifting. Yumps upset the ABS and meant he didn’t always have brakes.

3. Renaultsport Megane275 Trophy-R


Time: 7m 54.36sec

When: May 2014

Renault pushed its diamond-shaped nose back into joint using a Megane without rear seats, air-con or much sound deadening. Trophy-R one of the least usable but most exciting hot hatches ever.

2. Honda Civic Type R (FK2)


Time: 7m 50.63sec

When: May 2014

As with all ‘production car’ lap times there’s some debate around this one. Honda used a pre-production prototype Civic Type R with the weight of its roll cage offset by the deletion of air- con and rear seats.

1. VW Golf GTI Clubsport S


Time: 7min 49.21sec

When: April 2016

Unable to match the Type R in a straight line, the super-Golf made up for lost time in the corners thanks to neutral handling, clever damping and driver Benny Leuchter’s kerb-hopping commitment.

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