Time to Uncover… Discover – The Land Rover Discovery Sport

River crossing, off-roading, driving off the tarmac and creating a new route for Google Maps across plantations and forests… These are just seme of the things on the to-do-list when I am driving an SUV.


With wading capabilities of up to 600 mm, the Discovery Sport can definitely swim across some of the mean waterfall crossings in the Himalayas. And to reach these crossings, it had to first rough up the non-existent highways… that definitely takes care of the off-roading bit. Talking of creating new routes… it did manage to cut across a patch of coffee plantations with nothing more than a couple of scratches on its gleaming self.



land-rover-discovery-sport-engineWith a 2.2 litre SD4 automate diesel engine belting cut 140 kilowatt power and 420 Newton metre torque, the Discovery Sport can sprint up to 100 kph mark in just 8.9 seconds, and then go on to settle comfortably at a top speed of 188 kph. The number 188 might look ordinary, but let’s discuss that once you experience hurtling down the highway in a massive beast at any figure above 150 kph… Anyways, with this SUV in your garage, speed is the last thing should be on your mind.

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