Time to Uncover… Discover – The Land Rover Discovery Sport

Stay in for a pool party that’s all set to cross the limits of raunchiness… Or step out solo to revel in the pleasures of conquering the might of nature in the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Definitely a tough one to choose from…

For a moment my thoughts did linger back to the sinful delights that awaited me at the pool side. But then, with the Discovery Sport parked out there, all set to unleash its wild side, the boyish fantasies faded away, and I decided to gun away towards the quintessential sunset.

I know that many of you might curse me for steering the direction of this tale from the carnal palette to the material world of automobiles. But trust me, it turned out to be an unforgettable drive.

Although it is dressed up to look like a typical sports utility vehicle, the Discovery Sport introduces a progressive new design that clearly sets it apart from the rest of its ilk. It has several strategically placed lines andcuts that belies significant interior space, giving it the look of a man with huge proportions clothed m sharp suit.


Engine: 2.2 litre SD4 Diesel Automatic
Power: 140 kW

Developed with Bosch, the InControl Apps platform transfers the interface from the phone to the in-car infotainment touch-screen, to allow users access to popular apps.


When one thinks of an SUV what comes to mind is a big, brute machine with the ability of stare down at those tiny sedans and hatchbacks. Though from the outside, the Discovery Sport portrays that very image, when you get behind the wheel is comes across as an extremely manageable machine that is atease, both on the open roads and while negotiating the curves of a mountain.

land-rover-discovery-sport-interiorAlso, just in case your folks are at home, simply throw back the seats and the Discovery Sport has enough space to enjoy a night filled with debauchery… And just to be clear, in my dictionary, it doesn’t involve spirits.

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