The Trezor GT Haunt Started in Paris

Renault has a habit of wowing its home crowd In Paris with stunning concepts, and the Trezor represents the latest chapter in the company’s design story under design boss Laurens van den Acker. His 2010 Dezir concept started Renault’s renaissance, and he earned it on with 2012’s Clio, moving through Captur, Kadjar and Mégane and finishing with the new Koleos SUV that was also given its debut at this year’s Paris show.


Designer van den Acker preseting the Renault Trezor GT at Paris Motor Show 2016

The Trezor previews the regeneration of the Renault range, likely to start with the next Clio in 2018. Those oversized C-shaped front lights, large air intakes and slimmer grille – along with the advanced L-shaped dashboard – are all expected to make it into production on the company’s new range.

“Much of the technology comes from the Renault e.dams Formula E racer”

Much of the rest of theTrezors design appears to be fantasy, but with a grounding in reality – the technology underneath this concept is real, a lot of it coming from the Renault e.dams Formula E racing car.


Concept features fibre-optic rear lights that twist to change output

The two battery packs are split front and rear to aid weight distribution, while the electric motor produces 345bhp and torque of 380Nm, getting the Trezor from 0-60mph in under four seconds.


The carbon fibre bodywork itself is a work of art, with a more feminine, smooth finish at the front, juxtaposed with a more masculine, hexagonal print at the back. The honeycomb pattern on the bonnet isn’t just for show, either – some or the parts pop up to provide cooling for the batteries. At the rear, fibre-optic lights lit by lasers twist to alter their output depending on braking effort.


LOVE STORY: Trezor is said to represent commitment in a relationship. Roof opening is inspired by excitement of a jewellery box opening

The huge canopy, with its red tinted glass, glides open to reveal an equally red interior that’s trimmed with leather and layered wood.


STUNNING: Interior features mix of metals, woods and British leather

Dominating the dash is one long curved OLED screen with a lower LED touchscreen that houses most controls, except for a couple of tiny touchscreens on the steering wheel. The Trezor features fully autonomous driving modes, so the rectangular steering wheel widens automatically to allow the driver to watch a movie on the screen.


Steering wheel splits for view of screen in autonomous mode

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