The Little Toyota Wigo Gets Big Love From Its Owners

What their rides lack in size, these guys make up for in camaraderie

It might be the smallest car in the Toyota lineup, but the Wigo is a heavyweight when it comes to being likable. This subcompact has rock-star popularity for a number of reasons: It’s cute, easy to drive, and abreeze to set up (if that’s your thing), and arguably the best thing about it is it comes with a sticker price that won’t run you into the poorhouse.


When together, these Wigos look like little road warriors

For these reasons, the Wigo has engendered a loyal following. This little car has spawned one of the biggest one-make car clubs, the Wigo Auto Club Philippines.

Composed of 385 official members and over 6,500 forum and online members (in its first three months, total membership grew by 300%), the group provides its members a unique environment when it comes to learning more about the car they all love. Sourcing aftermarket parts is now a little easier because of the large network, and there’s surely no shortage of car-related tips. Some members have even made the effort of filming instructional videos to share with the rest of the group.

Recognized by Toyota Motor Philippines as a legitimate Toyota car club, Wigo Auto Club Philippines has access to regular plant tours at the Japanese carmaker’s Laguna facility — and this is just one of the regular group activities. There’s regular dialogue, too, between club members and Toyota’s local marketing and technical teams, for anything Wigo-or Toyota-related.


Naturally, camaraderie develops between people with the same interests. But the members likewise believe in giving back to the community, and this is perhaps what really ties them all together. Going on relief missions and partaking in charitable exploits are among the club’s most anticipated events – especially to a home that is close to the hearts of the members, Ang Bahay ng Parolain Santa Rosa, Laguna. We’re pretty sure the kids there get pretty excited, too, when they see a whole bunch of Wigos pulling up into the property.


Doesn’t matter how big or small, it’s how you make the car your own

The members concede that their club fun runs are great, and so is their network of excellent contacts. But for these Wigo owners, keeping the group together so they can continue their charitable exploits is what really matters. It’s nice to know that even the biggest of gestures can stem from the smallest of packages.

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