The evolution Throughout History of Bugatti’s Jewels

Type 2


While not officially a Bugatti by badge, the Type 2 was Ettore Bugatti’s first functioning vehicle – built when he was only 19 years old. It served as the basis for the de Dietrich – Bugatti Type 2, a collaboration with the brand de Dietrich.

Type 10


The first car to bear the Bugatti name, the Type 10 was powered by a four-cylinder in-line engine.

Type 13 Brescia


In 1920, Bugatti claimed the Grand Prix de la Sarthe in La Mans with a Type 13; then in 1921, it finished in the top four places at the Brescia Gran Premio delle Vetturette. Establishing Bugatti’s dominance throughout the decade, the Type 13 became known as the Brescia.

Type 39


The Tank de Tours, as it was known, maybe considered Bugatti’s ugly duckling, but it was one of the first cars to introduce aerodynamics into motorsports, pairing a stream lined shape with a 2.0-litre straight eight engine to finish third in the 1923 French Grand Prix.

Type 35


Arguably the most important car in Bugatti’s storied history, the Type 35 won the 1928 Grand Prix World Championship and set 47 speed records. It captured the checkered flag at the legendary Targa Florio for five consecutive years (1925-1929). Variations include the 35C, which added a supercharger.

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