The Can-Am Spyder F3

You can’t compare it to a motorcycle or a trike or anything really. It’s crazy fast, it’s insane fun, it’s super maneuverable, it’s agile, it’s like nothing on Earth and we absolutely love it. It’s the Can-Am Spyder F3 and you need to get on one. Seriously, this is not some old-man bike/trike thing. It’s built for fun. Lots of fast three-wheeled fun.

The Rotax 1330 ACE engine is an in-line triple-cylinder configuration for maximum torque in every gear, to deliver excellent roll-on acceleration and throttle response. It’s also efficient, with the ability to ride up to 406km on a single tank.

rotax-ace-1330Plus, it’s extremely low maintenance. The problem with fast bikes is that they are never comfortable and the problem with comfortable bikes is that they aren’t fast or maneuverable. The F3 is fast and very comfortable. It’s a future bike — Marty McFly really should have had one in those Back To The Future movies.

The six-speed transmission offers the perfect balance of comfort and fuel economy is top notch thanks to a sophisticated hydraulic clutch system. Cruise comfortably at low RPMs with your choice of manual or semiautomatic transmission — both include reverse. The semi-automatic version uses thumb and index finger paddle shifting.

Developed in partnership with BOSCH and inspired by automotive technologies, the Vehicle Stability System integrates anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control for confidence taking on the open road. The electronically-controlled power steering system provides a varying amount of assistance depending on the speed of the vehicle, so it’s always easy to maneuver and steer.


Sport-tuned gas-charged front shocks feature anodised-aluminium bodies and threaded preload adjustments. Higher-performance Brembo brakes specifically designed for the Can-Am Spyder, from the world leader in braking technology, ensure excellent stopping power and consistent performance every time.

When you ride a bike you sometimes get people looking at you. When you ride a loud bike you get a few more people checking you out. When you ride a Spyder, everyone checks you out. It’s like the Lamborghini of bikes. Everyone wants a look. Everyone wants to know what it is, everyone wants to know what it’s like. It’s like riding Batman’s bike. You actually feel like a superhero when you roll up, as kids grab their parents arms sqealing, “LOOK! LOOK!”.

Our advice? Drop what you are doing, find your nearest Can-Am dealership, walk into the shop and when the assistant says, “Hello, how can I help you?”, point at the Spyder F3 and politely respond with, “Shut up and take my money.” You won’t regret it.


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